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The production of samples is part of our core business. We handle the design, production and distribution of sample presentation tools of any type.

We know that a good sample product is the showpiece of a company, so our projects ensure the highest quality, flexibility and innovation.

In this field we offer:


Fan shaped samples are extremely user-friendly and that is why they are widely used. They are designed for the presentation of paints, fabrics, films, veneers and laminates.


Books are reliable and the most popular tool for the presentation of plasters. Presentation methods can be adjusted to various products. We can produce any form based on the number of presented samples.
We make molds with any shape and size ourselves.



These are customized to any desired size. They can be made on white or colored PVC, laminated board or MDF panels. Available printing options: offset, screen print or digital print.


Sometimes the simplest solution gives the best presentation capabilities. It is simple and functional. Folders are made in any size, laminated or plastic.


This is a practical solution, as the sample can be easily modified – new products can be added, obsolete ones can be removed. This is the most common solution for presentation of fabrics.


We can find an adequate and attractive form for the presentation of any product type. This is our forte.